We offer a wide range of complementary services and programs for individuals and animals, bridging Physical, Emotional, Behavioral, Psychological, and Spiritual Healing Modalities for the Body, Mind and Soul.  

Our goal is to co-create a unique integrative healing process to 1) inspire, motivate, and encourage human self-healing through the awareness, re-connection and employment of one’s inner power, 2) inspire, motivate and encourage individuals to connect with and develop their inner healing abilities to help animals in their healing journey.  

Our services also provide education on the various aspects of the origin of disease and the creation of health, in both, human and animal realms, offering understanding and hope to human beings during their healing journey, and to animals as recipients of physical, behavioral, emotional and spiritual healing.  

Our desire is that through this new or more refined awareness we will enable individuals to become re-empowered and more conscious about planetary issues, consequently creating a healthier and more positive life to them and to the animal kingdom.

We strongly believe that, by awakening the healer within, we can all become instruments of planetary healing and Reverence for Life.

The purpose of our work is to raise consciousness about the sacredness within ourselves as human beings, reverence for life, compassion, forgiveness, divine connection, and to teach about animal healing.   

Dr. Margarete Birmingham’s experience covers a broad range of Native-American traditions, Brazilian Spirituality, and multi-dimensional spiritual healing practices for humans and animals.  She has provided numerous seminars and workshops in the U.S., Europe and Brazil.