Dr. Marga – Margarete S. Birmingham, Ph.D. – was born in Brazil and has worked as a spiritual healer for over four decades. She lived in Hawaii for 18 years and currently lives in Lawrence, Kansas with her two wonderful special-need dogs. She is a spiritual teacher, healer, shamanic practitioner, medium, lecturer, writer and a World Peace light worker.

She offers individual Spiritual Counseling (Soul Therapy) and Healing consultations in which she works from her cosmology of Sacred Healing, Shamanism (Soul Retrieval), Past Lives Therapy, Positive Affirmations, Visualizations, Meditation, Energy Cleansing, Chakra Balancing, Inner Alchemy and Transmutation. Utilizing dialogue and intuitive insight, individual needs are assessed and addressed through her deeply loving spiritual presence and transformational energy. She holds a doctorate degree in Energy Medicine and Science of Intuition and has shared her work internationally over two decades.

There are many different doorways, or tools, that Dr. Marga can utilize to work with the client.


drDr. Margarete S. Birmingham holds a doctorate degree in Energy Medicine and Science of Intuition, and has worked as a spiritual healer for over four decades. She offers Spiritual Counseling (Soul Therapy), Shamanic Healing with focus on Soul Retrieval, Past Lives Therapy, Positive Affirmations Therapy, Visualization Therapy, Meditation, Inner Growth Groups, Energy Cleansing and Chakra Balancing. She has created Dr. Marga’s Animal Healing System©, which blends basic principles of Energy Medicine and Spiritual Healing, such as Animal Communication, Positive Affirmations (based on her book “Positive Affirmations to Heal Your Pet and Other Animals”), Visualizations, Animal Shamanic Healing with focus on Animal Soul Retrieval, Flower Remedies, Energy Cleansing and Balancing, Chakra Balancing and Healing, Chakra Healing Massage, Spiritual Healing, Cosmic Rays (Color) Therapy, Music Therapy, and Pet Noise Phobia Desensitization Program. She is currently writing her second book “Dr. Marga’s Animal Healing System”. As part of her planetary service she is working towards establishing an animal sanctuary, and providing humanitarian work in Africa. She offers Spiritual Coaching, classes, lectures and workshops on Animal and Human Energy Medicine and Spiritual Healing, and Human Spiritual Consciousness. She is also available for Animal and Human Shamanic Healing “Soul Retrieval”, and healing sessions.

For more information on her work or to schedule an appointment for you or your beloved pet visit her website drmarga.org and go to “Services and Programs”. You can also contact her at healing@drmarga.org or call at (808) 429-3064.