The Power of FORGIVENESS: A Journey to Your Heart in Search for Healing, Peace, Health, and Inner Freedom. FREE YOURSELF FROM THE CHAINS OF THE PAST. Explore your deepest capability to forgive, love unconditionally, and be compassionate for yourself and others. Create PEACE in your life and in the life of others. Step onto the road that leads to your real SELF, re-empowerment, peace, wholeness, and improved health.

2 hour class $25 / 3 hour workshop ($50)


FORGIVENESS DAY: The Journey to Heal the Heart, Create Health, Find Peace and Inner Freedom. During this workshop you will have the opportunity to dive into your deepest capability to experience forgiveness, compassion, unconditional love, and respect to yourself and others FREEING YOURSELF FROM THE CHAINS OF THE PAST, thus opening the pathway to re-create your health, achieve peace and inner freedom. You will be guided to explore the realms of gratitude, mercy, contentment, serving, and reference for LIFE.

1 day workshop ($125)


Healing the Fragmented Self: Becoming Aware of Your Wholeness– During this program you will embark on journey of Self-Discovery, Self-Healing and Transmutation of Old Wounds, Patterns, and Belief Systems, marching toward the awareness of your wholeness as a being.

2 hour class $25 / 3 hour workshop ($50) /1 day workshop ($125)


BURN YOUR FEARS, YOUR ANGER, YOUR GUILT, and YOUR RESENTMENT: Resurrect from your Own Ashes – During this program you will be guided to transform the lead of fears, anger, guilt and resentments into the gold of Re-Empowerment, Forgiveness, Self-Love, Self-Respect, Self-Acceptance, Joy, Inner Freedom, and Divine Resurrection, allowing the rebirth or the REAL SELF.

3 hour workshop ($50) / 1 day workshop ($125)


Breaking the CHAINS: Letting go of the UNWANTED – A Journey of Self Liberation, freeing yourself from relationships that don’t serve a high purpose in your life any more. We will examine the reasons why people put themselves in destructive and/or magnetic relationships. We will support you seek the courage to let go of the UNWANTED, opening the doorways to a life of self-love, self-respect and meaning.

3 hour workshop ($50) / 1 day workshop ($125)



Say Yes to the New You – What kind of BEING do you want to be? Someone constantly fearful, irritable, critical, judgmental, unforgiving and unsatisfied? Or someone others want to be around because you radiate confidence, patience, acceptance, understanding and compassion? During this program you will “vacuum” energetically the shadowed soul attributes from your BEING, transmuting all of those into empowering, liberating, and enlightened divine attributes, giving birth to the NEW YOU!

3 hour workshop ($50) / 1 day workshop ($125)       


Circle of Achievement – Support group designed to help participants of previous Soul Healing Series workshops to implement a Life Change and Personal Achievements Plan. Once a month group gatherings in person or over the internet / SKYPE. One-to-one support available.

Cost: varies, according to frequency and meeting length.


Retrieving Your Divinity: A Journey to Heal Guilt, Blame and Fear – During this program we will search for the divine lost link inside your heart, guiding you on a safe journey toward divine reconnection and re-empowerment, cosmic responsibility, trust and faith, enabling you to release old fears, blame and guilt.

3 hour workshop ($50) / 1 day workshop ($125)       


Re-writing Your Destiny: A Journey to Release Cosmic Guilt and Open the Pathway to Abundance and Prosperity – During this program you will be guided to journey back in time, and obtain information, divine guidance and inspiration to understand the roots of your cosmic guilt gene. We will support you to release that gene, transmuting it into self-acceptance, self-worth, self-value, self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, awareness, and cosmic responsibility, this way opening the doorways to a life of infinite, ever growing prosperity and abundance.

Advanced 2 day workshop ($245)


THE PARADIGM OF COSMIC RESPONSIBILITY: The Journey of Inner Transformation and Spiritual Freedom to Re-Create Your Destiny – Discover Who You Really Are, Why You Are Here And What Your Life Is All About. – During this program we will support you 1) Realize the reasons for YOUR suffering and pain; 2) Understand the ways to retrieve YOUR lost sense of happiness, wellness and contentment; 3) Recognize YOUR role as “creator god” and achieve the understanding that YOU are what YOU think, feel and do, and that every single thought YOU emit, every single emotion YOU have, and every single action YOU perform, acts directly upon all LIFE; 4) Rescue YOUR innate and undeniable consciousness and awareness of ALL THAT IS; and 5) Become more COSMICALLY RESPONSIBLE.

3 hour workshop ($50) / 1 day workshop ($125) / 2 day workshop ($245)


Aligning YOURSELF for the New Year – A Journey on Energy Cleansing, Alignment and Protection, Self-Healing, and LIFE Goals Definition for the New Year.  During this program you will explore ways to cleanse your energy field, align your seven-fold bodies, your chakra system, and protect yourself energetically. We will discuss the importance of setting and/or reviewing LIFE Goals, as you prepare yourself for this new chapter in your life.

2 hour class ($25) / 3 hour workshop ($50) / 1 day workshop ($125)

drDr. Margarete S. Birmingham holds a doctorate degree in Energy Medicine and Science of Intuition, and has worked as a spiritual healer for over four decades. She offers Spiritual Counseling (Soul Therapy), Shamanic Healing with focus on Soul Retrieval, Past Lives Therapy, Positive Affirmations Therapy, Visualization Therapy, Meditation, Inner Growth Groups, Energy Cleansing and Chakra Balancing. She has created Dr. Marga’s Animal Healing System©, which blends basic principles of Energy Medicine and Spiritual Healing, such as Animal Communication, Positive Affirmations (based on her book “Positive Affirmations to Heal Your Pet and Other Animals”), Visualizations, Animal Shamanic Healing with focus on Animal Soul Retrieval, Flower Remedies, Energy Cleansing and Balancing, Chakra Balancing and Healing, Chakra Healing Massage, Spiritual Healing, Cosmic Rays (Color) Therapy, Music Therapy, and Pet Noise Phobia Desensitization Program. She is currently writing her second book “Dr. Marga’s Animal Healing System”. As part of her planetary service she is working towards establishing an animal sanctuary, and providing humanitarian work in Africa. She offers Spiritual Coaching, classes, lectures and workshops on Animal and Human Energy Medicine and Spiritual Healing, and Human Spiritual Consciousness. She is also available for Animal and Human Shamanic Healing “Soul Retrieval”, and healing sessions.

For more information on her work or to schedule an appointment for you or your beloved pet visit her website and go to “Services and Programs”. You can also contact her at or call at (808) 429-3064.