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What world puts individuals behind bars, and in many instances sentences to death, those who killed another individual, but does not give the same punishment to those who kill tens of animals in one day on Animal Factory Farms, slaughter houses and fur farms?

And, in most cases, individuals whom kill with immeasurable despise and pleasure. Possess the same feeling found in murderers that seek vengeance, torture, as a pay back.

But in this case they are pleasurably taking the lives of innocent, harmless, humble, peaceful, loving BEINGS, leaving behind them a road of blood and unprecedented pain, suffering, terror, panic and grief.

Why is this happening on our planet? Where are we going with all this? What do we want with these barbaric practices?

What do we gain?

I cannot believe that someone that takes innocents lives professionally can sleep at night or host a drop of kindness and love in their heart. I cannot imagine how someone that tortures peaceful, humble beings 8 hours a day can have a drop of peacefulness in their minds.

What is the excuse someone can give us to take such a “job”? How many reasons can anybody present to a loving, reasonable person that justifies being a barbaric murderer and torturer by profession?      

Well, the purpose of this blog is to shed more light on the understanding of the Animal Kingdom’s reality, and to demystify the concept that animals are just animals, and that they are products to be used and abused by the “Human” Kingdom.   

It is my belief that animals deserve MUCH BETTER than what we have been giving them on this planet. Like us, they were made in the image and the likeness of God, which means that they carry inside their beings the same spark of light we do, the seed of LIFE, therefore they are our BROTHERS and SISTERS, as are all beings of nature. 

They were created and came to earth for many reasons but most importantly to teach us the lessons of the heart: compassion, respect, humbleness, loyalty, unconditional love, friendship, and forgiveness. 

But we don’t even grant them their inherited divine right to live a full peaceful live without being treated with cruelty, and brutality, abused, killed, tortured, neglected, abandoned, hurt, skinned alive, mocked at, and despised.     

They were placed on Earth also to evolve, as all other kingdoms of nature, but no scriptures will tell us that they were born to be treated the way we treat them, and having their murder planned from the moment they are naturally born, or forced to be born [ by us].    

Aurelia Louise Jones explores this concept:

“It was always intended and agreed at the beginning that all kingdoms would be honored, and be allowed to share this planet “equally”. And it was that way for a very long time at the beginning. But for hundreds of thousands of years, humans have taken over, arrogantly thinking that they are the superior race, and that they have the right to control and manipulate other kingdoms that appear to be more vulnerable than they. Many of the species of the animal kingdom have also become invisible. They are still here, but in a slightly higher frequency and thus, invisible to us. Where do you think that all those supposedly “extinct” species have gone? Many of them are extinct because they have made a collective choice to not interact with us any more. Those species of the animal kingdom, which are still here physically with us, are not always loved and honored by humans. Go into your heart and explore how most of the animals are treated, used and abused by the supposedly “superior race”.

Are all animals treated, honored and loved as beings of other kingdoms meant to share this planet with us “equally”? Think how so many whales, dolphins, cows, chickens, cats, dogs, horses, etc. etc. etc. have been and still are used. The list is endless, and could be the subject of several encyclopedias.

No sacred book has ever suggested we should turn them into “products” to satisfy our needs for excitement (entertainment that utilizes animals such as circuses, water parks, zoos, bullfights, dogfights, etc.), luxury, greed, experimentation, sophisticated and/or exotic clothing and footwear, advertisement, or as a scape vault for our anger, madness and unresolved frustrations.

No divine being has ever taught us that we should turn the animals into the victims of our own madness and caprices.

They feel pain and suffering. They feel hungry and thirsty. They feel cold and hot. They have feelings. They bury their dead and they mourn the death of their beloved ones. They dream and have nightmares. They feel depressed, have fear, anxiety, terror and anger.

They also feel happy, playful, hopeful, joyful, loved, grateful, appreciated, and thankful.  They absolutely KNOW how to live a beautiful, free, loving, respectful, stress free, playful life. 

Most of us love our dog,

BUT eat the chicken

AND wear the cow.

In their book THE MISSING PEACE – The Hidden Power of Our Kinship with Animals, p.37, Judy Carman and Tina Volpe share an article by Ellwood Gracia Fay – Products of Slavery. Here’s a passage: “Many activists have found that actually meeting “farm animals” living in a more natural condition is a source of intense joy. We have come to see that pigs and cows not only love their babies in obvious ways, they also show love for and gratitude to their human caretakers.”

“Flesh is the temple of somebody else’s soul, and

I don’t think we have the right to take that temple away.” – Billie Dean   

Animal Communicator and Activist Billie Dean states: “Flesh is the temple of somebody else’s soul, and I don’t think we have the right to take that temple away.” 

We should all meditate in these wise words that remind us that we have NO RIGHT to take anybody’s life away, that is, interrupt someone’s incarnation.   It is more than time to apply the 6th God’s Commandment- YOU SHALL NOT MURDER, a command against the premediated murder of another being, to the animals. 

Why do we exclude them from this divine command? Who told us we have the right to eliminate, in the cruelest away, the life of an innocent, pure, beautiful brother or sister? Where did we learn that?

As “human” beings we have decided that we are above other species, especially animals, therefore deciding about their future on the planet, and above all, their LIFE. We’ve become a speciesist race, that is, we worship speciesism, the belief that we have the right to discriminate in favor of ourselves, especially in the exploitation, abuse, neglect, killing or mistreatment of animals.    

“Human Beings, for me, are assigned to be the caretakers of the world – an assignment we have nearly blown. Our non-human brothers and sisters are to be attended to and learned from, not dismissed as things; cared for, not tormented and butchered. Only then ca we find peace within ourselves and with one another.” – Peter Hartgens Online Vegetarian Friends Journal

We talk and talk about Unconditional Love and Compassion, but as speciesist we tend to only apply those attributes of the soul to other beings of our own species…. when we do…..  What about the animals? Why are they excluded from those divine attributes? 

And….why have we forgotten to apply The Golden Rule toward the Animal Kingdom? It teaches us, in myriads of ways, the same truth: 

  • Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  • One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.
  • Love your neighbor as yourself: I am the LORD.                                             
  • Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  • Do to no one what you yourself dislike.
  • Recognize that your neighbor feels as you do, and keep in mind your own dislikes.
  • Love your neighbor as you love yourself.
  • Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful.
  • Putting oneself in the place of another, one should not kill nor cause another to kill.
  • “What thou avoidest suffering thyself seek not to impose on others.”
  • What you do not want to happen to you, do not do it yourself either.

Where did we learn that our “neighbor” is just a human being? Most importantly, why do we choose to believe in this learned concept?

We could ask ourselves the following questions:

Would I like to be skinned alive?

Would I like to be kicked and beaten to death?

Would I like to live my entire life without touching the ground, seeing sunlight, crammed in a battery cage with many other beings of my same species, without being able to move, permanently stepping onto my own urine and feces, without ever having the experience of kindness, love, health care, good diet and exercise?

Would I like to be hung upside down and have my throat cut while alive? And even If I didn’t die be thrown into boiling water?

Would I like to be permanently raped?

And after being raped and impregnated, be kept in a cage I could never move throughout my pregnancy, rubbing my body against bars, in a pond of my own urine and feces?

And after giving birth to my beloved offspring would I like them to be taken away from me in a very cruel way, be denied the right to see them, to nurture and nurse them, and experience being their mom?

Would I like to have my neck twisted till I died?

Would I like to have my nails pulled without anesthetics?

Would I like to have my teeth pulled all at once without anesthetics?

Would I like to be tortured till I died in the most monstrous way?

Would I like to see my whole family be tortured and go through all this barbaric treatment in front of me?

“I oppose discrimination and injustice. How can I come home and consume discrimination and eat injustice? So I have to be vegan!” – Activist’s statement quoted by Yourofsky in “Gary Yourofsky – Q&A Gary Session, Oakland Community College 2014”.        

It is very clear: “What thou avoidest suffering thyself seek not to impose on others.” How can we forget that? What has happened to us???? Many of us have pets and care for them, however we sit at our dinner table and devour the cadavers of other sentient beings, who also had families, their social group, AND the same birthright we and our pets have: LIVE THEIR LIVES WITHOUT BEING HARMED OR KILLED, BE RESPECTED [and preferably], LOVED AND HONORED.    

Why do we deny to our brothers and sisters this basically divine LIVING right?   

Why is it that Unconditional Love, Compassion, Respect, and Reverence for Life should be applied just for “humans”? 

According to activist Gary Yourofsky, around 60 billion land animals and 90 billion marine animals are killed every year on this planet.        

The odd truth is that even though millions of animals live their daily lives in an actual HOLOCAUST state, they CHOOSE not to react back to us, and humbly, quietly go through their human imposed “fate”.

If they wished, they could physically react and quickly eliminate us from the surface of Earth in just a few minutes, BUT THEY CHOOSE NOT TO.   Have you ever thought about it? There are many answers.   One of them was giving in the beginning of this article:

“They …came to earth for many reasons, most importantly to teach us the lessons of the heart: compassion, respect, humbleness, loyalty, unconditional love, friendship, and forgiveness.”     

I have vowed to talk about and raise consciousness on the concept of UNCONDITIONAL COMPASSION AND LOVE, and LIFE REVERENCE toward the Animal Kingdom, and all kingdoms of nature, which includes the elements.

This is a time to protect, rescue, be kind and loving to all animals, AND   also to give them back their dignity, by providing them with healthy food, shelter, health care, and healing. We need to heal those which we hurt! We need to mend their broken spirits and give them the HOPE they will live their lives as they were created to: peacefully and naturally. And will die when the Creator calls them back to where they came from.        

I also think is about time to provide as many animals as we can with all possible modalities of Animal Healing: Animal Energy Healing, Animal Spiritual Healing, Animal Shamanic Healing, and Animal Soul Retrieval.

So, how, in a world that hurts, mutilates, kills, skins alive, enslaves, eats, experiments on, uses as entertainment, abuses, ……… millions of animals each day, can we bring HOPE to the Animal Kingdom?

There are many activists like myself that have pledged to advocate for our brothers and sisters animals, and raise consciousness on all aspects of LIFE REVERENCE, by living a vegan-oriented life. I invite you watch the videos below, meditate seriously on your role in this HOLOCAUST.     

What kind of group do you want to be part of? The one that causes suffering or the one that heals? The one that causes harm and destruction, or the one that rescues and rehabilitate? The one that kills and tortures, or the one that restores life, compassion, unconditional love, respect, and hope?

It’s up to you.      

If you chose to be part of the second group you chose to be a VEGAN, which means you do not consume or use any animal byproduct, or tested on animals, you don’t attend or support any entertainment that uses enslaved animals, and you live by the principles of LIFE REVERENCE.

In a world where 98% of the animals are abused and killed for their meat, fur, skin, milk and eggs, the least we can do is minimize the cruelty by living a vegan life.       

Thank you for reading. Check my Facebook, LIKE it, and join me on the road of LIFE REVERENCE.


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