“Dr. Marga has an exceptional knowledge, and ability to navigate, the Spirit World. Her Shamanic healings are quite deep and profound. She is an excellent resource for those on the spiritual path who are open to deep levels of healing.”

Ronnie Wilson
Standard Process of KS

“Dr. Marga Silveira and I first met when I was her physical therapist many years ago. I soon knew that she had abilities quite unlike others. When she first began helping me connect with her, she asked me to think of a color during her physical therapy treatment. My mind could not focus on just one color and I changed my mind from blue to green to red then orange. She told me she was a little unnerved by what she saw… “a pallet of colors changing from blue to green to red then orange”! She told me, “My spirit guides have reassured me that what I saw was OK.” It took me several years before I had the courage to tell Marga that what she “saw” was actually what I had been focusing on!


Then when I had the opportunity to read her thesis on “The Universe”, my eyes were opened to a whole new world including our vast hierarchy of Angels and Spirits in the multidimensional universe around us. Before “knowing” Marga, I lived and worked in this world using only my 5 senses. Thanks to Marga, I am thrilled to be open to new possibilities and the wonders around us. I know she “sees” what most of do not and is able to “connect” with people, animals, and Spirits alike.


When I was part of a Shamanic journey that she lead with a group of people, I found it to be so powerful, expansive and emotional that it brought me to tears. What a wonderful experience! In addition, the Energy Medicine work she has done with me has helped me tremendously through many difficult times in my life. She has provided me with countless resources and tools that continue to help me along my own personal path and help me try to understand my sacred contract in this lifetime. I value her immensely as a professional and also as my dear friend.”

Janet Barretta, PT, MT,
Kailua Physical Therapy Clinic

I went to a spiritual healer today: it was time. Dr. Marga is a wonderful resource to have in Lawrence. Such a wide yet integrated range of resources she draws on. A true universalist, her love for all religious expression–Catholic, Buddhist, shamanic, angels and Orishas– is something to behold. She did me a world of good. She is also an animal healer, take note any of you with troubled pets. Worth checking out if you yearn to go deeper than the time-worn limitations of psychotherapy.

Sue Westwind, Holistic Mental Health Coach AADP at Natural Mind, Drug-Free Approaches to Mental Wellness